Sight Reading Workshop, July 8th


Sight Reading Workshop, July 8th


Matt Davis will be coordinating a sight-reading workshop for guitarists in Philadelphia on Monday, July 8th. The workshop will cover all kinds of fun and challenging reading materials that Matt has collected over the last 15 years that have really helped guitarists with how to best improve their sight-reading abilities.

The workshop will include group reading in a variety of styles, guitar quartets, etudes, transcriptions, rhythm studies, etc. All levels from beginner to advanced will benefit from this class. Whether you are new to reading on the guitar, or a professional guitarist who would like to improve this aspect of your playing, or anywhere in between, this class will provide a wealth of information to help you on your way. The only thing you need to bring is your guitar.

What will this workshop offer? 

- Realistic and practical strategies for effectively practicing reading and improving their overall abilities as a guitarist and musician.

- An in-depth collection of physical reading materials as well as lists of online reading resources for future practice.

-Rhythm exercises and concepts for continued practice.

-opportunity to improve reading skills with like minded individuals. 

Schedule and Logistical Details:

When: Monday, July 8th 1pm to 4pm

Where: Drummers - 2152 East Norris Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125

Cost: $65 (Includes workshop, packet of reading materials, light refreshments)


Schedule of class:

  • 1:00 – 1:20: Introduction. Set up and welcome/ overview of reading practices.

  • 1:20 – 1:40: Warm up with group exercises, scales and arpeggios in various rhythmic patterns.  

  • 1:40 - 2:20: Group reading in unison of single note etudes and transcriptions.  

  • 2:20-2:30: Break

  • 2:30-3:15: Group reading of various 2,3 and 4 part charts arranged for guitar.

  • 3:15-3:45: collective and Individual reading of none single-note music, or written chord voicings.

  • 3:45 -4:00: Wrap up, Q & A, conclusion.

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