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“If there's a defining trait to be found in the value system guiding guitarist Matt Davis and his music, it's most definitely a healthy respect and admiration for kith and kin. A love of community and belonging drives nearly every aspect of this artist's life, including his flagship ensemble, Matt Davis' Aerial Photograph, and it speaks ever so clearly on the aptly named Big Family (Self Produced, 2019). This long-awaited album, visiting music from the past while highlighting tight bonds and relationships, is but a microcosm in reality, encapsulating Davis' passion for people, collective expression, and connective action in a single package. And it's a statement reflecting on the long game endemic in a music career. "The record is a mix of songs I've written over the last 15 years," Davis notes. "The tunes were all written and/or arranged at very different times in my life—while I was living in PhiladelphiaNew York City, and, for a short time, in Amsterdam. Also before and after getting married and before and after I became a father. Somehow these songs have all stayed with me through these big changes and still feel meaningful and relevant in my life. They feel very personal at this point."

"Breathtaking guitar work...powerful"

-The New York City Jazz Record



-Jazztimes Magazine



-Downbeat Magazine



-The Philadelphia Daily News

"let me join the chorus and say that what Matt is doing every month at the Tritone is beautiful, unique, and truly inspiring. Every month he picks a subject; interviews people in Philadelphia about that subject; composes original music based on the interviews for Aerial Photograph, his 9-to-12-piece ensemble made up of strings, winds, and a rhythm section; records the music for release on a limited-edition, hand-packaged CD; and performs the music at Tritone. In telling the stories of people of all walks of life and in presenting challenging, contemplative music in a bar, Matt is demonstrating the power of music to break down all barriers."


“Wildly imaginative “

-Jazziz Magazine


“Davis [and ‘Aerial Photograph’] is a local gem.”

-All About Jazz


“a masterful guitarist"

-Magnaphone Magazine